Mets All-Time Roster

When I started back to the hobby, I felt that I needed some kind of goal.  A goal that would not be too easily achievable, but not too difficult to reach or make progress.  A goal that can continue as the years go by that will keep my interest.  After going over different ideas, I finally settled on one.

This goal will be to collect a card of every Mets player depicting them in a Mets uniform for each year they played with the team.  That is over 900 players according to my count on the Mets All-Time Players.

I am only focusing on Topps brand cards to keep some consistency.  Some players may not have Topps cards of their playing days with the Mets, so alternate brands will need to be used.

Below are my Topps wants from each decade:

Mets 1960's Topps WL
Mets 1970's Topps WL
Mets 1980's Topps WL
Mets 1990's Topps WL
Mets 2000's Topps WL
Mets 2010's Topps WL

Feel free to reach out to me if you feel you can help out.  I still have not come up with a good way to show what I have and what I need for each year, but I am working on something.  Stay tuned!


  1. Alex, email me your address, I've misplaced it somehow

  2. I can help with some of those 1970s needs. If you could e-mail me at off (dot) hiatus (dot) baseball (at) gmail (dot) com with your address, I'd be happy to send those to you.