Wednesday, March 19, 2014


During my younger days of collecting, there was no eBay.  I bought my packs at LCS, card shows, or traded with my friends.  I never really thought about a card as being a must have card.  I ended up with my cards mostly due to the randomness of packs.

eBay is a good and bad thing to me.  I enjoy browsing through listings and seeing ridiculous starting bids, weird lots, and unknown (to me) cards.

This one seems a bit unnecessary...
The bad thing is when I get lost in it.  I have only used eBay twice since I started back with the hobby.  Both times they ended with me thinking to myself, "why I am doing this when I have a mortgage and student loans to pay off?"  Luckily, I have been able to keep myself in check before things get too out of hand.

My second round with eBay ended last week.  I ended up with most of the things I was watching while only missing out on a couple.  I should have enough yellow padded envelopes and boxes to go through soon to keep me busy for a bit.

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