Trade Bait

These things are not called trading cards for no reason!  Here you will find cards that are available for trades.  If you find something that interests you, let me know and we will work out a trade.

Zistle Trade List

The link above will take you to my trade list located on Zistle.  Use the search box to narrow the list down.  Search by team, player, year, brand, auto, relic, card number, or whatever else you fancy to search.

Just because a card is not listed in my trade list does not mean you can not check to see if it is available.  Feel free to check out my other cards under the "Collections" tab.  It does not hurt to ask their availability.

All of my basketball, football, and hockey cards are available.  Feel free to let me know what your favorite teams are and I will send them your way.  If you happen to know of any other collectors that might want their team or players, please let me know!

Basketball TL
Football TL
Hockey TL - only 3 cards left! (2 autos and 1 relic)

Contact me at:

metscardboard at g mail dot com
(leaving out the spaces of course)

If you have Zistle account feel free to send me message or trade request there!

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