Monday, June 30, 2014

Cards from Chavez Ravining and New Additions

Alex over at Chavez Ravining sent over a handful of Mets cards a while back.  In a previous post, I mentioned my disinterest in the unlicensed products.  Well, I might have to change my stance on them after having some now thanks to Alex.

I still don't think I will purchase packs of these, but they are rather nice looking cards in person.  I might be interested in obtaining all the Mets cards.

I have added a couple of pages to this here blog.  I added a Trade Bait page that lists cards that are available for trade by decade.  Also, I added a Mets All-Time Roster page.  It is something I am trying to keep me focused on my collection.  Take a look at both and get in touch with me if you find something that interests you.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Zistle Trade #2

I started a few draft posts last month with the idea of posting them over time, but haven't had the chance to get back to them.  Let's see if I can get things going again...

Here is another trade I completed on Zistle "recently".  The trade was with user BengalsFan1 who requested a number of Bengals cards.  I happily obliged as I am trying to trade away any and all of my non-baseball cards.

In return, I received a number of Mets cards.

I have never been a big fan of the Opening Day sets.  I get that the set is marketed more towards casual or younger fans, but I wish they would make the cards somewhat different than the standard set.  The 2008 Topps Opening Day set was nice in that Topps went with a different color border (red versus the white of the standard set).

I also received these 2008 Topps Opening Day Flapper cards in the trade.  The Jose Reyes has already been "flapped".  It is a cool concept for the kids, but too hard to photo each fold.

I figured that I already had all the Mets players from the 1989 Fleer set, but I guess I did not.  Only five more to finish that one off (30, 44, 50, 51, 52).