Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Group Break at Crackin' Wax: 2015 Topps Heritage

Let us pause the trade posts and check out a group break.  This break was a number of months ago, but at least I am now in the current year with my posts.

I have known of Topher over at Crackin' Wax for a while now.  I read his blog, follow him on Twitter, and like how he does his group breaks for charity.  He always comes off as a good dude.

I decided to join one of his group breaks.  The spots in his breaks go fast with the Mets spot being among the fastest to get claimed.  I was able to claim a spot in the 2015 Topps Heritge group break as you can see below.

It was a fun break.  Topher makes his breaks enjoyable as he and his wife discuss things while he is crackin' the wax.  I generally do not watch breaks because they get boring for me (probably because I would rather be the one opening the packs).

As you can see, I ended up with a complete Mets team set (including the deGrom, Harvey, and Wright short prints), a deGrom insert, and a deGrom chrome parallel.  I did not get a hit, but still enjoyed what I got during this break.  I also like the look of this year's Heritage release.  The blue sky background works very well with the Mets uniforms and the shots are mixed up well enough to keep each card looking fresh.

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