Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zistle Trade #15

Here is another trade completed through Zistle.  This one with user pb68.  I sent him some Cleveland Cavaliers and Oakland Raiders for some Mets.

Here are the cards I received in return:

Nicko Riesgo is an interesting card (and a name that rhymes!).  He never appeared in an MLB game as a Met, but had one decent season playing for their single-A Florida league team.  I think that this 1991 Bowman card is noting that accomplishment.

He would make it to the majors with the Montreal Expos in 1991.  His first of only four game appearances was a contest between the Expos and the Mets.  He recorded his only MLB hit off Frank Viola that game.  He would go hit-less in his other three appearances and after that he was pretty much bounced from team to team.  He would never reach the big leagues again.  He would later become a replacement player with the Boston Red Sox in 1995 during spring training while the players were on strike.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Topps Chrome Group Break

With 2015 Topps Series One being released next month, I thought what a better time to put up a post featuring some 2014 product.

Alex over at Chavez Ravining held a group break for 2014 Topps Chrome.  This was my second group break I have participated in, so far.  Of course, I selected the Mets, but was also randomly given the Yankees.  I fared a little better with the Yankees, as far as inserts and refractors go.  I am not complaining about the Mets cards that I received, though.

Alex was kind enough to throw in a few extra cards, too.

I also participated in a fantasy league that Alex started last season.  It was my first time doing fantasy baseball since something like 2006.  I was not any good then, so I expected something similar.  Well, I ended in a tie with Alex for first place!  He was kind enough to send some Mets my way for my finish that I will show off in a future post, so thank you Alex for the cards!  I still have to get a package back out to you for hosting the league and allowing me to participate.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Zistle Trade #14

Another trade in the books with Zistle user neckababy1.  He offered a handful of Mets for a few cards in return.  He has been a good source for Darryl Strawberry cards thus far.

Here is what I received:

The Hall of Fame ballots were made official yesterday.  Mike Piazza will have to wait another year to be elected.  It was a pretty stacked list this year with those getting elected being very deserving.  Piazza will be the top holdover next year and will only have one sure thing in Ken Griffey, Jr. in front of him.

I think the biggest oversight on this year's ballot was Carlos Delgado.  He did not receive enough votes to remain on the ballot next year.  Oh, and this was just his first year of eligibility.  He definitely had an amazing career.  Some might say he was not quite a Hall of Famer, while others will say different.  He does deserve, at the least, to be on the ballot longer than one year.  I feel it is another reason to throw amongst the many others to reevaluate the voting process for the Hall of Fame.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Zistle Trade #13

Lucky number 13!  This Zistle trade was with fellow blogger Laurie at LV's TTM autographs and Baseball Cards.

I initiated this trade offering a variety cards that fit her various collections.

Here is what I received in return:

Those 1990 Topps Traded complete my base set Mets needs for 1990 Topps!  I think that is my first Topps base set completed, so far.