Monday, July 7, 2014

More from eBay

Here are some more cards from my last eBay run.  I have auto cards for both David Wright and Zack Wheeler, so I needed some game used relics to complement the auto cards.

A couple more of the Mets lone 2014 All-Star selection, Daniel Murphy.  I still think David Wright was snubbed since his numbers are similar to Aramis Ramirez.  Either way, Daniel Murphy deserves to be there.
This card was probably the one I looked forward to receiving the most.  With a little copy-and-paste magic, you can see the front and back.  The relics are a bit on the small size, but I am not complaining about a Willie Mays relic.

These are my first attempts at scanning cards.  A little crooked, but I am getting there.


  1. Please shoot me an email with your addy so that I can mail the card you claimed on my blog.

    lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com

  2. Wow a Mays relic, and as a Met to boot, that's pretty cool. Also dig the Angel Pagan card, looks cool.