Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blogger Trade: P-Town Tom

I did my very first group break with Tom.  He was breaking some cheap boxes of Pacific and Swell cards.  It was a nice break where I received some good cards.

He reached out to me quite awhile ago saying he had some cards pulled for me that he saw I needed from my Zislte list.  This was maybe late 2015, so these scans have been sitting around for a bit.  My goal is get current, but procrastination is a bitch.

I love the oddball cards he sent along.  I remember having some of the Kaybee cards when I was younger, but those were mainly used to play Flip.  I also do not mind these late 1980 mini cards.  They have different images from their larger sized counterparts and are not just some smaller parallel.

Tom also sent along a Topps Pro Debut of Luis Mateo.  Nothing to say about the player, but it was another reminder for me about Pro Debut.  I can never remember about this release for some reason.  I am glad that Topps does a set like this because it is fun to see players in their minor league uniforms.

Another nice card is the Travis d'Arnaud in the middle of the bottom row.  It is a 2014 Panini Classics base card.  It is a nice looking card considering it is a Panini release.  It is another example of my strong belief that Panini only looks good with strategic photos to hide logos.  I know they have to photoshop logos off due to licensing issues, but this card doesn't scream photoshopped.

Thanks for the great trade, Tom!  Sorry for the long delay of showing the great cards you sent.

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