Sunday, June 25, 2017

Zistle Trade #72: SDre31

This next Zistle trade is with Steve.  He was one of my first trades completed on Zistle.  He reached out with a nice trade offer, but I offered back with a nice stack back to him.

I received a bunch of oddball cards from Steve.  Oddball cards can be a little frustrating at times.  Some look cheap and are airbrushed of logos.  Some are nice looking and sometimes beat their flagship release counterpart.  I would say the most interesting one here is the Topps Magazine card.  Although, the cards showing off Keith Hernandez's mustache are pretty sweet.

Topps released a magazine for a few years in the early 1990's.  One would think that there would 9 cards attached in the magazine (you know, since 9 cards fit to a page), but for Topps reasons there were usually just 8 cards.  Towards the end of its run it was decreased down to 4 cards plus one jumbo card.

A couple more oddballs I received were these Denny's cards.  I enjoyed getting these cards as a kid because of the cool holograms.  The cards still hold up well today and always fun to revisit.  

Overall, this was an excellent trade with Steve.  I recall our first trade being pretty cool as well, so it is nice to things have not changed.

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