Thursday, February 27, 2014

Number One

Well, after reading a number of blogs for the last number of months, I have decided to start blogging.  I am new to blogging, so please bear with me as I get acquainted to this whole thing.

First, a little about me...

My first experience with baseball cards was in 1989.  I remember my brother receiving a complete set of 1989 Topps baseball cards for his 10th birthday.  At the time, he loved them and I thought they were cool.  A couple years later, I was given a complete set of 1991 Donruss baseball cards for my 8th birthday.  I guess Mom thought I was a little more mature.

My brother lost most of his interest in cards by that point, so I ended up with what was left of his cards.  I started saving chore and birthday money to buy packs of cards.  My Dad would also take me to card shows at the local Don Carter's All-Star Lanes.  My friends and I would get together to trade and play with our cards.  Anyone remember Flip?  We probably bent a lot of corners playing that game, but we were none the wiser back then.

I continued buying packs here-and-there over the years until I started college.  Work and school took a backseat to collecting cards.  

I returned to collecting last year.  I was in Target with my wife when I thought about how long it had been since I bought any baseball cards.  I shared my thought with her and she said I should get some.  Obviously, I did and it has been fun returning to an old hobby.

I will attempt to blog about baseball cards, the hobby, the New York Mets, and various other related topics.  I will add more things (trade bait, wish list, etc.) to the blog as time goes on.

Stay tuned!