Saturday, April 19, 2014

Goodbye Ike and some auto cards...

We are a few weeks into the 2014 season now.  I think the Mets are playing better than what most expected out of them.  They are playing .500 ball now, so I am happy!  There are still improvements to be made, of course.  Like, maybe playing all of their games on the road?

Ike Davis is now gone.  I was always a fan of his, so I am a little sad to see him go.  However, it just never worked out for him in New York.  Playing in New York may have been the problem all along as there have been many former Mets players to play better once leaving.  I really hope Ike finds his way with the Pirates.

I have been working my way through those recent eBay purchases.  The two cards above were part of one purchase that included a handful of various Mets cards.  Probably my favorite purchase were the following three auto cards.  These three players have bright futures ahead of them.

Noah Syndergaard should be arriving sometime in June and is poised to be part of the Mets future pitching powerhouse.  Zack Wheeler has already shown he has the stuff to pitch quite well.  

Dominic Smith is just 18 years old, so he has a few years until being MLB-ready, but this first round draft pick could be our first baseman of the future.