Monday, January 18, 2016

Zistle Trade #34: dmk250

Here we are with a back-to-back large trade (and two posts in one day!).  It is nice getting rid of a stack of cards that do not get a whole lot of love in my collection, but will somewhere else.  Dean is a Phillies fan and requested some Phillies needs along with some set needs in return.

I was a little confused by the 1992 Confex cards of Gregg Jefferies and David Cone (shown below).  Neither of the cards have an image on Zistle, so the first time I saw them was when I received this trade package.  I thought it was kind of strange for baseball cards to poke fun at players.  As it turns out, this set if full of such cards with some being more cruel than others.

Cone's card is not too cruel with it making light of his partying ways during his time with the Mets.  Jefferies' card is little more cruel that depicts his open letter to New York Mets fans.

Finishing up this trade is a nice eclectic mix of cards.

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  1. I never felt much desire to collect those Confex baseball cards, even though I generally like oddballs.