Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Zistle Trade #36: Olerud363

This Zistle trade is with Rodrick from the Great White North.  Rodrick reached out with a request from some various Topps needs.  I know some US-based traders are concerned about doing trades to other countries, but trading with those up in Canada has been pretty easy going.

Rodrick has probably the most complete John Olerud collection (at least that I know of).  Check out his collection at Cardboard Corner.   Not one John Olerud card was traded during this trade, though.

Hey!  It looks like Olerud does make a cameo appearance in this trade!
It looks like to me Donruss stopped caring right around the time they were putting together their 2004 set. 

Apparently, a stray Bryce Harper got in with these scans.
This was my third or maybe fourth trade to Canada.  Since then I have done another five or six and once or twice over to Europe.  There are some great traders outside of the U.S. that have a hard time finding good trade partners for whatever reason.  There is not that many hobby shops left here, but there is probably even less outside of the U.S.  Give these collectors another look.


  1. Nice acquisitions! That Allensworth has been on my radar forever.

  2. I love that Turk Wendell card for showing off his trophy necklace