Saturday, November 4, 2017

Zistle Trade #79: cloverly

Once word came out about Zistle there was an uptick in trade requests for everyone.  Zistle has/had a very easy interface for trades, so it was best to get as many in as possible.

I reached out to Brian with a trade request.  He did not match up on a lot of my Mets needs, so I looked around and found some F&FM needs.

There is something interesting I have noticed since I started to look for cards for my F&FM collection.  There seems to be a lot of former Mets cards that show them playing at Shea Stadium, as seen in the 1986 Topps Jerry Koosman above.  I am pretty sure it has to be due to the Mets playing in New York and more sports photographers probably were based out of New York, but maybe it is all just a coincidence.  Maybe it depends on the team they were playing for after the Mets.  Maybe I will have to keep track and figure this thing out?

Anyway, thanks for the trade, Brian!

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