Thursday, November 16, 2017

Zistle Trade #85: stevienicks77

We are getting to the end of Zistle now.  Trades were winding down and it seemed like people were moving on.  Zistle was a great experience and really great at getting me back into this hobby.  It is a shame to see it go down like this, but it is what it is.

This next trade was with Laurie.  Our first trade was excellent and this one was no different.  Laurie is still posting over on her blog at LV's TTM autographs and Baseball Cards.  Give it a read!

I received a nice mixture of Mets.  I really like how Topps did their mini cards in the past.  Today, they are just mini versions of the regular-sized counterpart.  Back in the 80's, the mini cards used the same or similar design with different photos and back designs.  Granted, these were not a 700+ card sets, but it made for some nice variation.

The variation we see now is pretty much what we see above.  The holiday release for 2016 Topps adds some snowflakes to the design.  I guess this was Topps way to do parallels without having borders on the cards.  The nice part about this release, though, would be how each box contained either an auto or relic card.  It had a nice price for a guaranteed hit.  I didn't partake in this release (I am an anti-Walmart shopper), but I did end up with a nice relic thanks to Laurie!

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