Thursday, March 17, 2016

eBay - 2015 Topps Series 2 and more

2016 Topps is already out and I will get to that post, hopefully sooner than later.  But, for now, we catch up and finish the 2015 Topps flagship release.

With my happiness of dealing with Brent for the Gypsy Queen release, I decided to stick with him for Topps Series 2 instead of purchasing a hobby box. 

The Mets in series are pretty basic looking.  None of them really stand out.  Jon Niese's card show him in an old Mets black hat for some reason.  My favorite base card here would probably be either Jacob deGrom or Wilmer Flores shown above. 

In addition to Series 2, I also purchased some 2015 Topps Archives inserts and parallels.  The first few were from Brent to take advantage of some combined shipping.  He also had some really good pricing on a bunch of silver parallels that I could not pass up.

At the same time of the above purchases I was looking to fill a missing hole in my Mets collection.  By this point, I had cards that are base, parallels, numbered, autos, relics, mini, over-sized, etc.  One thing I was missing was a 1 of 1 card.  I found the above Curtis Granderson printing plate auction with a low number of bids and kept watch.  I am not one to really spend a lot of money on a single card, but the auction was not really getting a whole lot of attention and the price remained pretty low for a printing plate (at least for what I think).  Of course, I ended up winning the auction and getting a printing plate.  Below is the back of the printing plate, if you are into that kind of thing.

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