Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Zistle Trade #43: dannicole2112

Well, I had a good run of getting some things posted.  I still have some more posts to burn through before I catch up to present day.  I have not done many trades so far this year.  Work and such get in the way at times.  I still intend to get those posts out there and hopefully I have not overlooked any trades.

Up next is a Zistle trade with Dan and Christian, a father and son collecting team.  Nothing too special here, but still filled a few holes in want lists.  Decent looking Keith Hernandez, though.

If any one is looking to make trades, large and small, Zistle is a great place to find trade partners.  The trade process is so easy to work and the vast majority of people on Zistle are quite pleasant. 

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