Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Group Break: Crackin' Wax - 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter

The 2016 set releases are in full swing, so I need to get out last year's sets that I received.  For the 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter release I went back to Topher at Crackin' Wax for his group break.

I like the look of this release.  Every one, but Jon Niese, is shown in posed picture.  Juan Lagares sticks out the most to me as my favorite of the base cards.

I seem to forget that Carlos Gomez started his career as a New York Met and only get reminded when I see one of his Mets cards.  It was not too much later after this group break that he became even more linked to the Mets folklore.  He is now forever known as part of the aborted trade that led to our beloved Wilmer Flores becoming our beloved Wilmer Flores.

Speaking of Wilmer, I ended up with two hits from this break.  Both being Wilmer jersey cards.  Topher described the one on the left as a dirty jersey, which it is of course.  Do dirty jersey cards hold more value?  Is it because it comes with game-used dirt, too?  Does it make it a double hit?  The dirt does make the jersey card look a little cooler, though. 

I nearly got a master set from this break.  I think I am still looking for the Lucas Duda Starting Points insert.  

I am sort of at a crossroads with group breaks right now.  I like to help out fellow bloggers and traders with their breaks (and I love how Topher uses his to support charities), but I can see how they are a gamble.  It took me three attempts before I got something more than a bunch of base cards and some inserts.  Not that I am ungrateful for what I got from this and past breaks.  I guess I just haven't found the right way or combination of ways in acquiring cards.

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